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Inspiring Communication

                                                                                                                                     MY PERSPECTIVES

                My Perspectives to nowa seria do nauczania języka angielskiego w liceach i technikach. Uczniowie i nauczyciele
                z pasją znajdą w niej inspirację do aktywnego poznawania świata i okazję do uczestnictwa w interesujących
                wydarzeniach kulturalnych i społecznych. Wyjątkowe, autentyczne materiały TED Talks umożliwiają uczniom
                poznanie nietuzinkowych ludzi i ich osiągnięć oraz pomagają nauczyć się trudnej sztuki prezentacji                                                                                                                    4
                i wystąpień publicznych, a także rozwijać kluczowe kompetencje XXI wieku, tzw. Life Skills. Bogactwo zadań
                typu maturalnego ułatwia przygotowanie do matury już od klasy 1.

                  4B  Listening          Lexical Review  5
                  1   Listen and choose the correct option. What is the   1   Complete the crossword, using the clues, and write the   6  The flood caused a lot of    to my house and garage.
                  speaker’s main point about languages?    31    keyword below.  a  damage  c  impact
                  a  That languages have stopped changing.  1  b  debris  d  crisis
                  b  That languages have changed for a variety of reasons.  7  There is a growing    disaster in central parts of   Układ treści zeszytu ćwiczeń skorelowany
                  c  Languages are now changing faster than ever before.  2  Africa.
                  2   Listen again and choose the correct option.    31  3  a  effective  c  violent
                                                        d  humanitarian
                                                    b  poverty
                  1  The languages spoken 400 years ago   4  8  The tornado caused complete    in the suburbs of   z podręcznikiem ułatwia powtarzanie i doskonalenie
                  a  are studied by many people today.  5  the small town.
                  b  were very different to modern languages.  6  a  destruction  c  damage                                MY PERSPECTIVES
                  c  were different depending on your family.  b  debris  d  shortage
                  2  When one country invaded another   7                                                                                                                                                                          B2+
                  a  they forced people to use their language.  Languages depend on older generations passing    8  4   Write one word in each gap to complete each sentence.   umiejętności językowych zdobywanych na każdej lekcji.
                  b  they often couldn’t control the local people.  them on to younger generations.  The first letter is given.
                  c  the new rulers only used the local language.     Keyword:   1  The giant wave, t  , hit the coast
                  3  The speaker says that stories and legends were used    5   Listen to the lecture on languages. What is the main   1  an answer  and destroyed many buildings.
                  in the past to   idea of the talk?    33    2  the way you go to reach somewhere  2  A lot of the streets are b   by   Dodatkowo każdy rozdział zawiera sekcję Lexical Review,
                  a  develop creativity.  a  language provides insight into cultures  3  to keep in good condition  fallen trees and you can’t get through.
                  b  tell people how they should or shouldn’t act.  b  the variety of languages under threat  4  not afraid to take risks or face danger  3  I need to do a detailed a   of all
                  c  teach people to read and write.  c  linguists don’t all agree on what language is  5  a synonym for died out  the data before I can give you an answer.
                  4  In the future, languages will change   d  some countries don’t have a variety of languages  6  to give, for example help or assistance  4  The military h   landed on the
                  a  more than they did in the past.  6    Now listen to the lecture again and answer the   7  to link two things together  roof of the hospital and took the patients to safety.  która pomaga przypominać sobie i utrwalać słownictwo
                  b  only when there are conflicts between countries.  33    8  to save someone from danger  5  What was your parents’ r   when
                  c  more slowly than they did before.  questions.    2   Match the words to make phrases.  you said you wanted to leave college?
                            a  by narrow classifications
                  3   Listen to the lecture on cultural globalisation.    1  How do linguists classify languages?  1  make  a  lyrical  6  A long period with no rain is called a d  .
                  Match the words and phrases you hear.    32    b  by age of the language  2  wax  b  for  7  The organisation is sending a  ,   ze wszystkich poprzedzających ją rozdziałów.
                            c  by location and features
                  1  developing  a  marketplace  2  What determines higher-level family groupings    3  open-  c  sense  including food, water and medical supplies.
                                               d  with
                                          4  deal
                  2  experiencing  b  change       8  The charity has a   to people to
                  3  global  c  societies  of languages?  5  put 6  responsible  e  minded  send food and clothes to the area.
                                               f  effort
                            a  particular spoken features
                  4  human  d  communication  7  relief  g  the rules  5   Choose the correct words to replace the Polish parts of
                  5  barriers  e  entertainment  b  ancient linguistic origins  the sentences.
                  6  cross-border  f  global culture  c  geographical locations  8  break  h  somebody off  1  He doesn’t (zwraca)    attention to what I say.
                  7  worldwide  g  and connections  3  How does the speaker describe language use today?  3   Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.
                                                       b  put off
                                                         c  pay
                                                    a  take
                  4   Listen again to the lecture and complete the sentences.   a  there are many people who speak many languages  1  I have a lot of    in my job because I can work when    2  There was (niezręczna cisza)    when nobody knew
                            b  there are few people who speak few languages
                  There are no more than three words for each answer.   c  there are many people who speak few languages  I want to.  what to say.
                   32      4  What does the speaker say helped create some multi-  a  prospects  c  responsibility  a  an awkward silence  c  a hard silence
                                          b  promotion
                  1  There’s no doubt that we are experiencing change at   cultural countries?  2  Fans from opposing teams often  d  flexibility  each other by   b  a strange quiet
                  an ever   .  a  a wide variety of languages  shouting during matches.  3  We had to (usunąć gruz)    to get to the people
                            b  trade and cultural exchange
                  2  The term globalisation is most often used to describe   c  people of the same culture   a  insult  c  respond  inside.
                  the   .  5  How many countries does the speaker mention as   b  praise  d  flatter  a  clear the debris  c  clean the bricks
                  3  Cultures leave behind    that   having multiple surviving ethnic groups?  3  The consequences of the earthquake were    for the   b  destroy the ground  4
                  can be studied and tracked over time.  a  3  b  4  c  5  city and it took years to recover.  4  The residents (uciekali z okolicy)    before the storm
                  4  The thousands of    are   6  What determines when a language dies?  a  remarkable  c  outstanding  arrived.
                  coming together on just a handful of global languages.  a  every 14 days  b  disastrous  d  impossible  a  flooded the region  c  flew the place
                  5  What is lost and what is gained in each case   b  no recording for posterity  4  The charity wants to    a campaign against child   b  fled the area
                        us personally and   c  its last speaker  hunger.  5  It is a very (innowacyjne rozwiązanie)    to the
                  globally.  7  How is language usually passed on?  a  take off  c  launch  problem.
                                          b  attract
                                               d  allocate
                            a  within family groups  5  When there is a    in the USA, many people travel to   a  innovative solution  c  innovator connection
                                                    b  innovation end
                            b  by cultural identity
                            c  recordings for posterity  other areas for safety.  c  hurricane
                                          a  shelter
                                          b  relief  d  rescue
                  56  Unit  4                             Unit  5  81
                  TED Talks Extra – materiały do filmów TED Talks,
                  niewykorzystanych w podręczniku, to dodatkowa
                  okazja do nauki z inspirującymi materiałami wideo
                  i kontaktu z żywym językiem używanym w czasie
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