Page 7 - Teraz egzamin ósmoklasisty - język angielski, repetytorium, szkoła podstawowa
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                   ĆwiCzenie 1                                    ĆwiCzenie 3
                  Dopisz definiowane słowa. Skorzystaj z wyrazów po-  Uzupełnij zdania nazwami zawodów tworząc ich na-
                  danych w ramce.                                zwy z wyrazów podanych w nawiasie.

                   housewife • judge • paramedic • miner • carpenter   1.  (TRANSLATE)
                   • baker • social worker • tailor • surgeon • lecturer  John speaks four languages. He is trained to be
                                                                   a                                              .
                  1.  A doctor who is specially trained to perform   2.  (ASSIST)
                    operations.                                                   I’m looking for a summer job and I would like
                  2.  Someone whose job is to make and repair clothes.                                                        to work in a shop as an                                          .
                                                                       3.  (LIBRARY)
                  3.  A person who teaches at a college or university.    If you want to find reliable information, ask the
                                                                                                           to give you a hand.
                  4.  A woman who works at home, doing chores and   4.  (CASH)
                    taking care of the family.                                                   Working as a                                      can be very
                  5.  A person who repairs and makes wooden items.    dull and frustrating for some people.
                                                                      5.  (JOURNAL)
                  6.  Someone who works underground in very        I would like to travel the world and write stories for
                    dangerous conditions.                                                   popular newspapers, but I’m too shy to become
                  7.  Someone who decides how a criminal should be   a                                        .
                    punished for breaking the law.
                  8.  A person whose job is to make bread, rolls and
                  9.  A person who supports and takes care of people
                    in difficult situations.
                  10. Someone who is trained to help people in
                    emergency situations.

                   ĆwiCzenie 2                                                                                        SŁOWNICTWO
                  W zdaniach 1–5 odkreśl poprawną odpowiedź A lub B.

                  Farmers spend a lot of time in the open air.
                  They work …
                  A. outdoors      B. indoors                     ĆwiCzenie 4
                                                                 Połącz elementy w pary, a następnie uzupełnij odpo-
                                                                 wiednio tabelkę.
                  1.  Many teenagers and students only work during
                    their summer holidays. The work is …         Przykład
                    A. temporary       B. company                web designer

                  2.  IT-specialists earn good money. Their jobs are … .   1.  work for      A. agent
                    A. good-paid       B. well-paid
                                                                 2.  estate           B. a job
                  3.  Firefighters risk their lifes every day. Their job is
                    very … .                                     3.  work in          C. good money
                    A. unusual         B. dangerous              4.  look for         D. an office

                  4.  A good chef is very … and has got a lot of new   5.  earn        E. a company
                    A. challenging     B. creative                    1.      2.      3.      4.      5.

                  5.  My mum works 8 hours every day. She has a … job.
                    A. full-time       B. part time

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