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                   ĆwiCzenie 1                                    ĆwiCzenie 3
                  W zdaniach 1–5 podkreśl poprawne słowo.        Dopisz definiowane słowa. Skorzystaj z wyrazów
                                                                 podanych w ramce. Uwaga! Ramka zawiera dwa do-
                                                                 datkowe wyrazy.
                  Tim felt proud because he got / passed / failed a very   lab • school office • cloakroom • library
                  good mark.                                      canteen • staff room • playground • gym

                  1.  Kelly is in her room. She is revising / passing /   Przykład
                    getting for her test.                        a room for teachers working in a school staff room

                  2.  Students mustn’t cheat / take / study in tests.
                                                                 1.  a place where you can borrow books
                  3.  I always make / do / pass my homework after   2.  a place at school where you can buy and eat lunch
                    I come home from school.

                  4.  My younger brother did not learn before his exam,   3.  a place where you can do physical exercises
                    so, unsurprisingly, he passed / made / failed it.

                  5.  University students know how to do / get / make   4.  a place where pupils can leave their jackets or
                    notes during lectures.

                   ĆwiCzenie 2                                   5.  a special room where you can do tests and
                  Dopasuj początki zdań do ich zakończeń.          experiments
                  1.  If you want to learn   A.  to get a scholarship
                     practical skills and   and graduate with    ĆwiCzenie 4
                     become a carpenter,   honours.              Uzupełnij zdania 1–9 brakującymi czasownikami zło-
                  2.  I broke my leg last   B.  that’s why       żonymi, zmień formę w razie potrzeby.
                     week and I have       I plan to sign up     1.  I often (spóźniać się)

                     to stay at home for   to the school team      for my first lesson. Getting up in the morning is   SŁOWNICTWO
                     some time             to practise more.       not my thing.

                  3.  I’m having a gap year  C.  because our teachers   2.  My brother (dobrze sobie radzić)
                                           carry out a lot of                                    at school. He is one of the best
                  4.  I will do my best
                                           science experiments.    students in the 8th grade.
                  5.  I have to work on my   D.  after he got into   3.  If you want to (zdobyć stopień naukowy)

                     running skills                                                      , you have to work hard and graduate
                                           a fight with Sam.
                  6.  My sisters loves                             from university.

                     reading            E.  because I can’t      4.  Students must always (robić notatki)
                                           do this task on my                                   in lectures.
                  7.  I will have to ask my   own.
                     brother for help                            5.  Sam can’t do his homework all afternoon. He has
                                        F.  I’m already late for my   to (zrobić sobie przerwę)
                  8.  I can’t talk to you   lecture.                                                           and go for a walk.
                     right now,

                                        G.  you should choose    6.  Tom sometimes (robić błędy)
                  9.  Tom was expelled     a vocational school.                                   when he wants to finish his
                     from our school                               homework quickly.
                                        H.  and I’m going

                  10. Chemistry is my      to travel to Africa   7.  Remember! You have to (oddać)
                     favourite subject     to help children in     your essays on Friday!
                                           need.                 8.  To take part in our project, you must (zapisać się


                                        I.  but she often          extracurricular activities. We have biology
                                           complains that set      on Fridays and maths on Mondays.
                                           books are dull.
                                                                 9.  Many American students decide to (mieć rok
                                        J.  so I’m worried about   przerwy w nauce)

                                           falling behind this                     . It is a great chance to travel and work
                                           term.                   for a charity organization.
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