Page 9 - Junior Explorer 6. Podręcznik
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Dangerous sports                                    Transport

          6  Look at the puzzle pictures and match them       8  Copy the mind map into your notebook.
             with these sports.                                   Write 12 means of transport. Use
                                                                  the jumbled letters.
              go-karting         ice hockey        parachuting
              rafting        rock climbing        show jumping          R T M A  O R M B K E I T O     C R A
                   skateboarding        snowboarding
                             windsurfing                        C O C H A                            E R R F Y

          1                2                3                   P A N L E        TRANSPORT            B A T O

                                                                Y L O R R                            T R N A I

                                                                  U S B      U D E G R O N U D N R     N A V

                                                              9  What means of transport do you use?
          4                5                6
                                                               TV and film

                                                               10  Work in pairs. Copy and complete the table
                                                                  for you and your partner. Then tell the class
                                                                  your results.

          7                 8               9                     J like   L don’t like
                                                                  TV/Film           Me           My partner
                                                                  the news
                                                                  quiz shows

                                                                  talent shows
                                                                  soap operas
           Keeping healthy                                        adventure films

          7  Complete the dialogue. Then act it out in pairs.
              ankle      broken      cut      bruise      graze   drama

           Dan:    What happened to you, Rita? How                horror films
                  did you get a (1)    arm?                       musicals
            Rita:   I fell off my sledge! I’ve got a twisted      science fiction
                  (2)    too, so I can’t walk.                    films
                  What happened to you?
            Dan:   I played football yesterday and Mark
                   kicked me. I’ve got a black and blue
                   (3)    on this leg and a (4)    on this          I like musicals. My partner
                                                                    doesn’t like talent shows.
            Rita:   That’s horrible! What happened to your
                   eyebrow? What’s that red line?
            Dan:   It’s a (5)    . The football hit me in the            I don't like cartoons or adventure
                   face! There was lots of blood!                         films. My partner likes science

            Rita:  Yuck!                                                 fiction films and documentaries.

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