Page 8 - Junior Explorer 6. Podręcznik
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Looks and personality                              4  Name the jobs in the photos. Match the
                                                                  descriptions of the jobs with the pictures.
          1  Complete the sentences in your notebook.             Write the answers in your notebook. There
                                                                  are two extra descriptions.
             1 My grandma is only 54. She isn’t old. She’s

                y    .                                            1              2                   3
             2  Please be p    . You mustn’t be late again.
             3  My cat eats a lot. It is very f    .
             4 He is a h    student and always does his

                homework. He isn’t lazy at all.

             5 Stay c     and don’t be scared. My dog isn’t
                dangerous.                                        4                   5            6

             6 Our teacher never gets angry. She is p
                and helps us with our lessons.
             7 My sister is very s    . She isn’t fat because

                she trains every day.

             8 You must be t      to get into the basketball
                team. I am too short.                          This person:

             9 Where is Bob? He is late and Mum is very           a cuts people’s       e    keeps lots of animals

                w     .                                              hair.                  and grows lots of
              10   Jane has got straight hair, but Julie has got    b  helps ill people.    plants.
                c    hair.                                        c    works with       f  cooks food.
                                                                     computers.         g  fights fires.
          2  Write a description of the student next to           d plays a musical     h   serves meals

             you on a piece of paper. Put the pieces of              instrument.            in a restaurant.
             paper in a bag and mix them up. Then read
             the descriptions and guess who each person       5  Find people in the class who would like to do
             is.                                                  these jobs. Write their names in your
                                                                  notebook. Then tell the class some of your
               This person has got long fair hair
                                                                   Job                    Name
               and blue eyes. This person is nice
               and patient. Who is it?                            hairdresser

                                                                  shop assistant
                                                                  computer technician
              This person is tall and has got green
                                                                  actor / actress
              eyes and short dark curly hair. This
              person is always punctual. Who is it?

                                                                     Hi, Maria. Would you
                                                                    like to be a hairdresser?

                                                                                          No, I wouldn’t. I’d like
          3  Mime one of these jobs. Can the other                                          to be an actress.
             students in your class guess the job?
                                                                     Maria would like to
              cleaner  •  police officer  •  photographer
              farmer  •  driver  •  shop assistant  •  detective     be an actress.

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