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                   It’s festival time pp. 62–73
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           5a  Festivals, occasions and   Present perfect   Making preparations for a party  Reading: Teens’ Time:
                 celebrations                                                            Happy New Year!
           5b  Words related to festivals  Present perfect with   Talking about experiences using the  Reading: Mardi Gras in New
                                         ever, never        present perfect              Orleans
           5c  Greetings and good wishes  Present perfect  Greetings and good wishes for   Writing: an email inviting
                                                            different occasions          a friend to a festival
                                                          Pronunciation: foreign words
           Review 5          Game

                   Life in the future pp. 74–87
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           6a  Space                   Future simple      Talking about future facts, making   Reading: Teens’ Time:
                                                            predictions about the future,   The sky at night
                                                            making offers and promises
           6b  Space travel and science   Time expressions for   Talking about science fiction  Reading: Science fiction
                 fiction                 future
           6c  Making predictions      Future simple      Making predictions about the future  Writing: predictions for the
                                                          Giving opinions                future
                                                          Pronunciation: letters that make
                                                            the /k/ sound
           Review 6          Game           Explorers’ Club: Futuristic inventions     Project: Inventions

                   It’s a material world pp. 88–101
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           7a  Everyday objects        Present perfect and   Talking about everyday objects  Reading: Teens’ Time:
                                         past simple                                     Everyday gadgets
           7b  Adjectives describing objects  Present perfect and   Talking about the size, shape and   Reading: Reuse, renew, recycle
               Materials                 present simple     quality of objects
               Other features of objects  Present perfect: for,
           7c  Ways of buying, selling and                Buying, exchanging and selling  Writing: an advert
                 exchanging                               Pronunciation: the /ɪ/ and /aɪ/
           Review 7          Game           Explorers’ Club: Materials                 Project: Materials in your home

                   The natural world pp. 102–113
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           8a  Words related to a garden  Zero conditional  Talking about facts        Reading: Teens’ Time:
                                                                                         Susie’s blog
           8b  The environment         First conditional  Talking about how to save the   Reading: That’s rubbish!
           8c  Weather expressions     The imperative     Talking about the weather    Writing: a blog entry about
                                                          Giving orders                  looking after a garden
                                                          Pronunciation: exclamations
           Review 8          Game

           Time to Explore More: Famous people, Amazing nature   pp. 114–117   Extra Culture:  Singapore, Barbados , Białowieża forest,
                                                                              Keep calm and go to Poznań  pp. 118–125
           End-of-year project   pp. 126–129                       The Big Quiz  pp. 130–131

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