Page 4 - Junior Explorer 6. Podręcznik
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                   Starter: Ready, steady, go! pp. 4–9
               Vocabulary              Grammar
               Meeting people          Present simple and present continuous
               Countries and nationalities  Comparisons
               Family members          How much?
               Looks and personality   Past simple: be
               Jobs                    There was / There were
               Sports                  must
               Accidents and injuries  Past simple
               Means of transport      going to
               TV programmes and films

                   Keep in touch pp. 10–23
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           1a  Modern communication    Present simple and   Talking about methods      Reading: Teens’ Time:
                 tools                   present continuous  of communication            A video call
           1b  Means of communication  Stative verbs      Talking about ways           Reading: Animal talk
                                                            of communicating
           1c  Expressions used in phone   have to / don’t have to  Using expressions in phone   Writing: a picture description
                 conversations                              conversations, using emoticons
                                                            for expressing feelings
                                                          Pronunciation: tone and intonation
                                                            for questions and answers
           Review 1          Game           Explorers’ Club: Reading with your fingers  Project: Texting

                   The travel bug pp. 24–35
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           2a  Words related to travel  Past simple: be, regular  Talking about travelling  Re ading: Teens’ Time:
               Dates                     and irregular verbs                             An amazing story
           2b  Words related to travel   Adverbs of manner  Talking about travelling   Reading: The mystery of the
               Dates                                                                     missing pilot
           2c  Points of the compass   Past simple        Telling a story about past events  Writing: a story using sequence
               Linking words                              Pronunciation: spelling of words   words
                                                            that sound the same
           Review 2          Game

                   About town pp. 36–47
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           3a  Words related to a street  Past continuous  Using past simple and past   Reading: Teens’ Time:
                                                            continuous to tell a story   A robbery
           3b  Words related to street arts  Past continuous and   Talking about street artists  Reading: Street artists
                                         past simple with
           3c  Apologising             Object pronouns    Apologising                  Writing: a story using past
                                                          Pronunciation: -ing            simple and past continuous
                                                                                         and linking words and, when
           Review 3: Game

                   Feeling at home pp. 48–61
               Vocabulary              Grammar            Communication                Reading and writing
           4a  Words related to everyday   Possessive pronouns   Talking about possessions  Reading: Teens’ Time:
                 hygiene                 and possessive                                  Packing for a trip
           4b  Words related to household   Modal verbs (can, must,  Talking about household chores  Reading: Household chores
                 chores                  have to, should)  Talking about different situations
                                                            using modal verbs
           4c  because, so             Modal verbs        Asking for, giving and accepting   Writing: an email giving advice
                                                          Pronunciation: -er at the end of a word
           Review 4          Game           Explorers’ Club: Green living          Project: My green week –zero waste

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