Page 10 - Junior Explorer 6. Podręcznik
P. 10

4  Complete the sentences with the names
           Present simple and                                     of your classmates.
           present continuous                                     1     is the oldest student in my class.

                                                                  2     is the tallest student in my class.
          1  Make the positive sentences negative, and
             the negative sentences positive. Write the           3     is shorter than    .
             sentences in your notebook.                          4     has got longer hair than    .
                                                                  5     has got the fairest hair in my class.
             1  I like chocolate.
             2  I am riding my bike.                          5  Complete the sentences with in or of.
             3  He doesn’t read comics.
             4  She goes to my school.                            1  Maths is the most interesting lesson    all.
             5  You are watching TV.                              2  Ben is the tallest boy    my class.
             6  The dog is sleeping.                              3  My birthday is the best day    the year.
                                                                  4 My sister is the most beautiful girl

                                                                     my family.
          2  Ask and answer these questions with your
             partner.                                             5  I’d like the biggest pie    the shop, please!
             1  What time do you usually get up?

             2 When do you usually tidy up your bedroom        How much?
                and how long does it take?
             3  What are you wearing today?                   6  Ask and answer questions about the prices
                                                                  of these things.
             4  What are you doing at the weekend?

          3  Look at the picture and make comparisons.
             Use the words in the box.

              taller older faster more beautiful fatter

               The man with the moustache is
               older than the boy in the stroller.



                                                                    How much is the …?              €5

                                                                                       How much are the …?

   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15